Bitcoin Consulting

Bitcoin is a complex topic and may appear confusing upon first sight. This is due to the fact that it’s a matter of a completely new technology that questions old ways of thinking and requires a new approach. We have been dealing with the digital currency that is Bitcoin since 2011 and are familiar with various aspects of Bitcoin through the implementation of numerous Bitcoin projects. We advise decision makers in business, politics and public institutions and are more than happy to help you understand the different aspects of this intricate matter.

Contact us via mail or phone us at +43 316 711 744.

Areas of consulting

  • Mode of operation of Bitcoin and block chain technology
  • Advantages and fields of application for Bitcoin
  • Use of Bitcoin as a means of payment in an enterprise, salesroom or online shop
  • Opportunities and risks of Bitcoin as a means of payment
  • Bitcoin compared to national currencies and other cashless payment methods
  • Opportunities and risks of Bitcoin as an investment
  • Bitcoin as part of international payment transactions
  • Security measures when using Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Legal situation in Austria and Europe
  • Product development around Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin 2.0: future potential of Bitcoin and the block chain

Our service

We offer flexible consulting services, in order to be able support you in a constructive and efficient manner. We offer you:

  • Talks and workshops
  • Seminars (half-day or full-day) or recurring events
  • Consulting on an hourly basis
  • Project consultancy
  • Merchant support

Contact us via mail or phone us at +43 316 711 744.