Prepared for the future with Bitcoin

Coinfinity helps you as a company or institution to develop a customized Bitcoin strategy. From portfolio alignment to incentives for your employees to the necessary knowledge building, we are your partner for all-things-Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Portfolio Strategie Business
Your Bitcoin portfolio strategy
Want a taste of the future? As Bitcoin becomes the global monetary system that will transform our economy and society, we are here to help you develop your Bitcoin strategy.

It has never been easier to hold Bitcoin in a business portfolio. With Coinfinity Business solutions, you can seamlessly integrate Bitcoin into your financial strategy.

We support you with our expertise to automate Bitcoin investments as well as to manage and store Bitcoin.
Bitcoin for your team
Show your employees how much you value them! Our Bitcoin Bonus Plan makes it easy for you to attract and retain talent. We'll take care of all the details.

We'll organize regular payouts, ensure proper allocation, and help create wallets. In no time, your team will receive bitcoin in the form of a monthly savings plan and build reserves in a hard money. In addition, we also provide top-notch learning content related to Bitcoin in addition.
Bitcoin Bonus Plan

Perform a monetary

Kaufkraftverlust Euro
Loss of purchasing power of the Euro - Source: (Harmonised Consumer Price Index)
The Euro has lost more than 30% of its purchasing power since its introduction in 2002, and the loss in value against gold is even around 85%. A great strength of Bitcoin is the limited money supply, which makes the digital currency a much better tool to hedge your assets in the long run.

Bitcoin can be used globally, is resistant to censorship and cannot be confiscated. It is independent of geopolitical changes, crisis-resistant, and it is increasingly decoupling from the weakening reserve currency, the U.S. dollar, and the Euro.

Take control of your assets!

Direct contact to our Bitcoin experts for all kinds of questions
First-class support via phone, email, live chat or face-to-face in our front office
We support you in choosing a suitable strategy for storing your bitcoin securely
Benefit from our many years of experience - Coinfinity has been a first mover in the Bitcoin space since 2014
We address your specific requirements and develop tailor-made solutions accordingly
Benefit from our network of dedicated Bitcoin entrepreneurs & companies

What our business customers say

"At the beginning of 2021, I came across the topic of Bitcoin through a friend and to this day I am fascinated by this technology and its potential. Bitcoin is so much more than just digital money, it is a basic protocol for value transfers and similarly revolutionary as the internet.

With Coinfinity, I then found the right partner for my companies' Bitcoin strategy."

Kristian Kläger
Managing Partner & CEO Kläger Group
Founder & CEO

"In the context of our funding projects, we place particular emphasis on independence and stability, and selectively use Bitcoin as a store of value for our members.

With personalized, expert advice, Coinfinity offers significant added value in implementing a customized Bitcoin strategy, especially for small and medium-sized businesses."

Ralf Grundig CEO, Erste Deutsche Vorsorge eG

Your personal contact

Our sales team is here for you! Just send us an email by clicking the button above, or contact us on LinkedIn.

Matthias Reder Sales-Team
Bitcoin Key Account Manager
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Matthias Reder

Raimund Ortner Sales-Team

Raimund Ortner

Business Development Manager
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