Accept Bitcoin payments

By choosing to accept Bitcoin as a merchant, you can immediately take advantage of its many benefits:

  • Receiving Bitcoin payments over the Bitcoin network is free of charge.
  • You will attract the new and growing customer base of Bitcoin users and increase your awareness level without the need for an extra budget.
  • Bitcoin payments are fast, secure and irreversible.
  • International payments are possible without limits, delays or high fees.

Accept Bitcoin directly

You can accept Bitcoin directly, this is completely free of cost. You just need to run a wallet software (a sort of “digital purse”). You can find a list of available wallets at As soon as you have your Bitcoin wallet set up, you can send and receive Bitcoins.

Accept Bitcoin via payment processors

Payment gateways like BitPay offer you various additional features:

  • You can accept Bitcoin payments and receive EUR or USD deposits to your bank account. By doing this, you are not exposed to the exchange risk of Bitcoin and receive the required Euro or Dollar amount right away.
  • By using payments in Euro or Dollar, a simpler integration with your existing accounting is possible.
  • Pay-outs via BitPay are offered both in Bitcoin and Euro or Dollar, as well as any combination of both (for example 25% Bitcoin, 75% Euro pay-out to your bank account).

BitPayWe help you integrate BitPay

You are thinking about accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for your online shop? You want to offer the customers of your store, bar or restaurant the possibility to use Bitcoin apart from other electronic payment methods?

Coinfinity is official BitPay Integration Partner for the Austrian market. We are more than happy to help you with the integration and offer professional consulting on how to optimize the usage of BitPay both online and offline. In order to accept Bitcoins using BitPay you can create a free account with BitPay. If you have any further questions fee free to contact us anytime.