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Coinfinity's Bitcoin savings plan enables long-term growth of your Bitcoin portfolio through automated, regular purchases. You have full control over the amount and duration of the investment.

Set up a savings plan

Automated and convenient

Regular and automatic Bitcoin purchases without repetitive time expenditure.

Flexible and without commitment

Save Bitcoin starting from € 21, as often and as long as you like. No contractual commitment or notice period.

Cost average effect

Achieve an average lower BTC purchase price over a longer period of time through cost averaging (DCA)

Save Bitcoin without worries

You want to buy Bitcoin regularly without having to worry about prices and exchanges? Then the Bitcoin savings plan from Coinfinity is the ideal product for you!

The Bitcoin Savings Plan aims at cost-averaging and helps you to accumulate Bitcoin in the long term and, above all, consistently. This is done through automated, regular purchases that we process for you.

You determine the investment amount (min. € 21) as well as the purchase interval completely flexibly and without commitment. A spontaneous adjustment of the regular investment amount is also possible by independently changing the standing order.

Set up a Bitcoin savings plan in just a few minutes

1. Sign up
or log in

Register and verify or sign in to your existing account

2. Create a savings plan

In the dashboard, click on “Create savings plan” and decide how much you want to save in Bitcoin

3. Set up a standing order

After receiving your order confirmation and the purpose of payment, you can set up the standing order
Set up a savings plan now

FAQ about the Bitcoin savings plan

How does the Bitcoin savings plan work?

Grow your Bitcoin portfolio conveniently and automatically instead of worrying about how much Bitcoin to buy at which time. The Bitcoin Savings Plan helps you accumulate Bitcoin consistently over the long term. After signing up for the savings plan and setting up the standing order, you will receive Bitcoin in your wallet on a regular basis.

How much does the Bitcoin savings plan service cost?

The Bitcoin savings plan is free of charge. Only the usual service fee and mining fee apply.

Can I cancel my Bitcoin savings plan at any time?

Yes, the Bitcoin savings plan can be canceled at any time by simply canceling the standing order with your bank. No further notice to us is required.

When will I receive my Bitcoin?

That depends on the interval of your standing order.
As soon as a EUR amount with your savings plan payment reference has been credited to our account, this amount is converted directly into Bitcoin and sent to the BTC address provided by you.

Can I set up multiple savings plans?

Yes, you can set up as many savings plans as you want.

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