Graz to receive a Bitcoin ATM

One of the first projects for Coinfinity will be to have a Bitcoin ATM up and running by summer 2014. This Bitcoin ATM is a machine from well-known manufacturer Lamassu. ATMs from Lamassu have been succesfully put into operation in multiple countries around the globe according to this map. An example can be found in a mall in Singapore, another one in Hong Kong.

Coinfinity’s goal is to lower the initial barriers of Bitcoin and offer interested parties a way to get into touch with the topic in a simple and intuitive manner. For those that have not yet dared to look to one of the numerous online exchanges, this is a great opportunity to start off the first steps with small amounts. The team from Coinfinity will be present on location for Q&A. Apart from general questions about Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies, this also allows for the sale of Bitcoin via the ATM to offer a smooth experience for all customers. As a first step, this service will be offered one-way, meaning Bitcoin for Euros. The purchased Bitcoins can be transferred to a wallet solution on any smartphone immediately.
In the near future Coinfinity will introduce more products, that appeal to the broader populace and will help to bridge the gap between cash and Bitcoin.