What clean means and why you should care

By Jessica Veit

Clearly there are things that are overused in the software industry. Some of them even impact the world beyond the development office. The innocent term clean is one of them. Regardless of whoever bugs you about it – let us forget about them and embrace the power of clean together.

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Statement about “Coinfinity Group”, an MLM program illegally using our trademark and name

On November 28 2019 it was brought to our attention that a group of people was going to launch an MLM program going under the name of „Coinfinity Group“. Our company is the sole owner of the EU trademark “Coinfinity”, which has been registered since 2018 at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property and thus has trademark protection effects. The upright registration can be viewed at https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017553702 .

We have not permitted the use of our name for the “Coinfinity Group” program in any way nor have we been contacted in this matter. The operators and founders of the program therefore act in an unambiguously illegal manner. Also, anyone who promotes this program by using our name or trademark is acting illegally and will be prosecuted for trademark infringement.

For more than 5 years, our company has stood for trustworthiness and competence in the crypto sector. An MLM scheme like the one going under “Coinfinity Group” is absolutely contrary to the values we represent. In fact, we have installed a very clear policy on MLM programs at our legal notice page since 2015.

To protect the reputation of our brand from further damage we have already instructed our law firm to take legal action against anyone who uses our name unlawfully. Claims for damages or surrender of the profit by the trademark infringer can be made. In addition, the deliberate infringement of trademarks is also threatened with criminal sanctions.

Our legal efforts are already showing success, many videos promoting the “Coinfinity Group” program have been blocked by YouTube and Facebook groups have been closed. The major platforms comply with trademark law and sanction infringements accordingly.

We want to highlight that we are not interested in prosecuting the actual business model that the operators of “Coinfinity Group” are running. That is not our right and we leave it to others to judge the legality of the business model itself. But we will use all legal means at our disposal to combat the misuse of our name for this program.

If you would like to contact us in this manner or have some new information to share, feel free to contact us at trademark@coinfinity.co.

Coinfinity shows first lightning transaction on a Bitcoin ATM

We have always been trying to be pioneers in the cryptocurrency space. We started the first Bitcoin ATM in Austria and launched the first Austrian web platform for bitcoin trading. Also, we developed Bitcoinbon, which is currently available at over 4.000 merchants across the country.

Our newest project also goes with this spirit. In our office in Graz we successfully executed a bitcoin transaction on the lightning network, which – as far as we know – was the first lightning transaction on a Bitcoin ATM worldwide.

What is the lightning network?

It’s a technology which is seen as a very promising solution for the scalability problem of bitcoin, although it is still in an early stage of development. It could potentially process millions of transactions each second, fast and almost without a fee.

Usually each bitcoin-transaction gets written directly in the blockchain. The lightning network works as a second-layer solution, participants are connected through payment channels and routes via multiple hops can be established on the lightning network.

A lightning transaction on a Bitcoin ATM

To get in touch with this new and promising technology, our CTO Daniel Weigl launched one of the first lightning full nodes. There currently are only a couple of hundred lightning full nodes, which are essential for the functionality of the network. Here is an overview of the current network.

The following video shows how this first lightning transaction has been executed at a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM in our office in Graz:


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To establish a connection to the lightning network, a payment channel was funded through this transaction. For this early demonstration, we purposely set a fixed amount of 50 Satoshi as the actual payment.

Even though the lightning network still is in an experimental stage, we made a big step towards mass suitability of bitcoin. The next months will be extremely exciting!

Help refugees get a free SIM card by donating bitcoin

Donation address

Donation address: 3F84eghroCAb9Crjcy1L3D6GKog1CpRUGK

This campaign has ended, please don’t send anymore bitcoins.

Together with Austrian non-profit organization Jugend Eine Welt we started a bitcoin donation campaign. We currently see a huge wave of refugees coming to Austria, fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. For these people, communication via mobile phone is essential for survival. With your bitcoin donation you help giving away free SIM cards to them, one SIM card costs 7.80 EUR. This is an ongoing project, please keep donating!

We set up a secure multisig wallet to safely receive bitcoin donations. Please send your donations to this address:
This campaign has ended, please don’t send anymore bitcoins.


You can find more information about this campaign at the website of Jugend Eine Welt (german link), here’s a Google Translation of this page.

If you’re unsure about sending bitcoin to a random address on the internet, please feel free to research our company Coinfinity and Jugend Eine Welt. Both parties are vouching for this donation campaign, we will post updates on all withdrawals made from the donation address to make sure everything is as transparent as possible.

The donation address is part of a multisig wallet created at Coinkite, both Jugend Eine Welt and Coinfinity hold one key. We’re currently looking for a way to directly purchase SIM cards with BTC, but most probably we’ll have to sell the donated BTC for Euro. This will be done by Coinfinity with 0% fees.

Withdrawal history
October 19, 2015: 0.899 BTC have been withdrawn, 211.09 EUR have been sent to Jugend Eine Welt. That’s enough to buy 27 SIM cards.
January 07, 2016: 0.939165 BTC have been withdrawn, 389.88 EUR have been sent to Jugend Eine Welt.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at office@coinfinity.co.

Bitcoin ATM at Vienna Central Station starts operating


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As of July 2015, BahnhofCity Wien Hauptbahnhof located at Vienna Central Station, features a Bitcoin ATM that is accessible 18 hours a day and seven days a week. After the successful launch of Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM last year, this is now the second machine operated by Coinfinity at a top location.

You can find the Bitcoin ATM inside of the tobacconist Trafik Wasinger, opening hours are: Monday through Friday 5:30 to 23:30, Saturday 6:00 to 23:30 and Sunday 7:00 to 23:30. Thanks to these extended opening hours, a coverage close to 24/7 can be achieved. Approximately 2000 – 3000 people visit this location each day, this exposes Bitcoin to a lot of new potential users. Since Vienna Central Station with its modern BahnhofCity doesn’t leave a lot to be desired regarding shopping and dining, this location represents the perfect choice in our opinion.

Bitcoin ATM Vienna Central Station

Bitcoin ATM at Vienna Central Station

Our goal at Coinfinity is to launch several new Bitcoin ATMs throughout Austria in the next few months. At least each state capital should have an ATM available, according to our motto of “Bringing Bitcoin to the people”. You can find more information regarding our existing ATMs and the buying process here. If you know about an interesting location for a Bitcoin ATM or if you are interested in a collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


Bitcoin ATM Vienna Central Station

Bitcoin ATM at Vienna Central Station

Link to press release (In German)
Link to press photo

Coinfinity with Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM at Pioneers 2014

A few months ago while attending a meetup of Bitcoin Austria in Vienna, the upcoming Pioneers Festival at Vienna’s Imperial Palace was brought up. Daniel Pichler from the Pioneers Team expressed his desire to bring the topic of Bitcoin to Pioneers 2014. Since we were already known in Vienna for hosting a Lamassu, Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM, we were asked by him if we would like to present the machine during the two days of the festival. Naturally, this seemed like an interesting thing to do back then and we really liked the idea, but nothing was yet agreed on. A few weeks ago while on a Skype call we decided to dismantle the machine at our office in Graz, pack it in a box and haul it to Vienna for the Pioneers event.

Bitcoin ATMFor two days we were on duty round the clock next to the Bitcon ATM. We answered many questions regarding Bitcoin, helped a few people during the process of buying on the Lamassu and managed to establish interesting and important contacts for the future. Although Bitcoin itself wasn’t a topic on the festival apart from us (this should change with Pioneers 2015), there were numerous connections to almost all areas of other start-ups or visitors. Even a few interested investors can no longer ignore Bitcoin and exchanged their views with us. A few highlights of the festival can be found on Coinfinity’s Twitter feed.

As we’ve heard, the presence of Bitcoin shall be expanded on Pioneers 2015, among other things a dedicated panel or talk is in planning. We look forward to attending again next year, be it as an exhibitor or simply visiting company and sticking to our motto of “Bringing Bitcoin to the people”.

Coinfinity puts Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM into operation

Starting with June 23rd 2014 a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM is up and running at our business office in Mariahilferstrasse 21 in Graz. Our machine is the first Bitcoin ATM available to the Austrian public and one of roughly 100 ATMs that are globally available.

By using the Bitcoin ATM, interested customers are able to purchase Bitcoin with cash in a simple and secure manner, starting with small amounts as low as 5 Euro. By doing this, we want to lower the initial barriers to entry that are often encountered by first-time users of Bitcoin. We from Coinfinity offer help and advice and support users on request when setting up their secure digital wallets.

The Bitcoin ATM can be used anytime during opening hours (Monday thru Friday, 10 – 13 and 14 – 17 hrs). On Friday June 27th 2014, 18 hrs we’ll be hosting a launch party at the Coinfinity offices. Visitors can try out the Bitcoin machine and chat about Bitcoin over a drink.

Press release
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Photo credit: Andreas Pirchner

Coinfinity helps with building online gallery cointemporary.com

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by artist Valentin Ruhry from Vienna, who came up with the idea for a great new online art platform. Cointemporary.com is showing one contemporary artwork for a period of seven days. During that time, the artwork can be purchased with Bitcoin (and with Bitcoin only). The price for the artwork is fixed in BTC and does not fluctuate along with exchange rates. This is revolutionary in its own way, as it makes Cointemporary one the first places where Bitcoin is treated as an actual unit of account.

Coinfinity provided Bitcoin consulting and helped with further planning of the project. We also developed the web solution including the integration of Coinbase as a Bitcoin payment processor.

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