Bitcoin 2014 review

The Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam was a great opportunity to get to know interesting people and projects. There were lots of panels and presentations and an array of different exhibitors presenting their products. We especially liked Lamassu, Coinbase, as well as Ripple and NXT.

Todd from Coinbase, Max and Stefan from Coinfinity

Todd from Coinbase, Max and Stefan from Coinfinity

Since most panels were hosted at the same time, we had to pick a few that were of special interest to us. What was missed should soon be made available online by the Bitcoin Foundation as audio or video downloads. Most of the time we joined the discussions of the “Tech Track”, here it was especially interesting to follow the thoughts of Gavin Andresen.

Organization of the event truly was outstanding, we did like the mobile catering and christened it “Decentralized Lunch”. Solely speed and reception of the wireless LAN could have been improved for such a big event centered around the topic of Bitcoin. We are certain, that this is already on the agenda of the Bitcoin Foundation for the next conference, which will happen 2015 in Asia. We think it will be hosted in Singapore, but would love to be surprised.

Since we decided to upgrade our Lamassu to be operated in Graz to version 2.0, we still have to wait for a few more weeks. While on location at Bitcoin 2014 we had the chance to try the Lamassu both ways – Euro in, Bitcoin out and the reverse – and were simply amazed. The build quality of the unit is superb and the UI simple and clear. The Blockchain Award 2014 for the best ATM manufacturer is more than deserved.

For the remaining year we look forward to operating a Lamassu ourselves and are sure that a few of the Bitcoin 2014 connections will lead to exciting cooperation. For 2015 we are looking forward to a #Bitcoin2015 in Asia with even more attendants and lightning-swift WLAN.