Open-source Bitcoin mining: Interview with WantClue

In this interview, we talk to business IT specialist, YouTuber and Bitaxe core-contributor WantClue and learn more about the world's first open source Bitcoin miner.

“Open source mining has numerous benefits. It provides transparency and trust in the technology, as anyone can review and adapt the source code. This promotes innovation and helps identify and fix security gaps more quickly.”

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I am WantClue, I studied business informatics and developed an enthusiasm for technology and programming at an early age. I found my passion over a year ago to teach other people technology and in particular Bitcoin and topics related to Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. I then started my YouTube channel to teach my audience more about the topic, and it is important for me to provide insight for everyone, no matter where they are in their learning progress. I also give workshops in the area of Bitcoin mining and build up my know-how and knowledge database based on this.

Furthermore, I'm one of the core contributors and maintainers of the Bitaxe project, the world's first open source Bitcoin miner.

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Questions & answers

1. Who are you and what do you do apart from Bitcoin?

I am WantClue, 27 years old and studied business informatics. In addition to my work at OSMU, I am a passionate athlete, particularly in bouldering. I developed a great enthusiasm for technology early on, which ultimately brought me to Bitcoin and programming. I also share this passion on my YouTube channel, which I started over a year ago to share knowledge with other technology enthusiasts.

2. How did you become aware of Bitcoin and what motivated you to get involved with Bitaxe?

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011. In the beginning, I just did a bit of mining and moved some coins back and forth. I only really got to grips with Bitcoin later when I recognized its potential. At the beginning of 2023, I came across the Bitaxe project by chance and was immediately excited about the idea of developing an open-source Bitcoin miner. This combination of technology and collaborative work particularly appealed to me.

3. In which aspects does Bitaxe differ from other Bitcoin miners on the market? What makes it special?

Bitaxe is the world's first open-source Bitcoin miner, which sets it apart from other miners on the market. The special thing about it is that all hardware and software is accessible and modifiable by everyone. This not only encourages innovation but also enables everyone to understand and adapt the technology behind mining. In doing so, we create a transparent and collaborative environment that enables everyone to actively contribute.

Bitaxe Miner

4. Why should everyone mine Bitcoin at home?

Mining Bitcoin at home has several benefits. On the one hand, it contributes to the decentralization of the network, which makes Bitcoin more secure and robust. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to actively be part of the network and benefit directly from mining rewards. It's also a great opportunity to learn more about technology and expand your own hardware and software skills.

5. Can you roughly describe the Bitaxe Miner installation process? Is there an easy guide to get started?

The Bitaxe Miner installation process is relatively simple. After assembling the hardware, which is supported by detailed instructions, the firmware must be installed. The miner is then connected to the network and can be configured. We provide comprehensive guidance and community support to make getting started as smooth as possible.

Many manufacturers offer pre-assembled Bitaxe devices, which make this process even easier and make it easy to start mining.

Bitaxe Miner Platine

6. What are the biggest benefits of open-source mining and how does the entire community benefit from it?

Open-source mining has numerous benefits. It provides transparency and trust in the technology, as anyone can review and adapt the source code. This promotes innovation and helps identify and fix security gaps more quickly. The entire community benefits from an open exchange of ideas and improvements, which leads to continuous development of technology.

However, open source can also entail risks, security gaps can not only be found and closed quickly, they could also be exploited, such a risk is more generally speaking about open-source projects and does not explicitly apply to the Bitaxe project.

7. How can Bitaxe contribute to the decentralization of the Bitcoin network and why is that important?

Bitaxe is helping to decentralize the Bitcoin network by allowing more people to mine. The open-source nature of the project allows users worldwide to build and operate their own miners, which reduces the concentration of mining power to a few large pools. Decentralization is critical to the security and independence of the Bitcoin network, as it makes attacks more difficult and increases resilience. The decisive factor here is whether users also decentralize their mining power. If all miners used a single pool, the network wouldn't be more decentralized, so it's important to think about pool selection as well, even though that could potentially reduce rewards.

8. Are there specific mining pools that you would particularly recommend for mining with Bitaxe?

There are no specific mining pools. In principle, Bitaxe works with any mining pool. But in our community, we've also developed an open-source solo mining pool: Public Pool. This stands out because it supports Bitaxe and Nerdminer and has no fees. Of course, this is also verifiable through its development as an open source pool.

9. How can interested parties get involved in or support the Bitaxe community?

The Bitaxe community is available on and in many different forms these days. Our main forum is a Discord server: Open Source Miners United. This is where we exchange all our ideas and communicate primarily. Discord may have its pros and cons, but it's simply the perfect solution for a community as large as we are. For a quick and clear start, I recommend taking a look at the website To throw, all links are available there and allow you to quickly find your way around.

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