Coinfinity with Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM at Pioneers 2014

A few months ago while attending a meetup of Bitcoin Austria in Vienna, the upcoming Pioneers Festival at Vienna’s Imperial Palace was brought up. Daniel Pichler from the Pioneers Team expressed his desire to bring the topic of Bitcoin to Pioneers 2014. Since we were already known in Vienna for hosting a Lamassu, Austria’s first Bitcoin ATM, we were asked by him if we would like to present the machine during the two days of the festival. Naturally, this seemed like an interesting thing to do back then and we really liked the idea, but nothing was yet agreed on. A few weeks ago while on a Skype call we decided to dismantle the machine at our office in Graz, pack it in a box and haul it to Vienna for the Pioneers event.

Bitcoin ATMFor two days we were on duty round the clock next to the Bitcon ATM. We answered many questions regarding Bitcoin, helped a few people during the process of buying on the Lamassu and managed to establish interesting and important contacts for the future. Although Bitcoin itself wasn’t a topic on the festival apart from us (this should change with Pioneers 2015), there were numerous connections to almost all areas of other start-ups or visitors. Even a few interested investors can no longer ignore Bitcoin and exchanged their views with us. A few highlights of the festival can be found on Coinfinity’s Twitter feed.

As we’ve heard, the presence of Bitcoin shall be expanded on Pioneers 2015, among other things a dedicated panel or talk is in planning. We look forward to attending again next year, be it as an exhibitor or simply visiting company and sticking to our motto of “Bringing Bitcoin to the people”.