10 years Coinfinity: our event review

Here is our review of the 10-year Coinfinity event on April 23, 2024 in Graz, where almost 100 people gathered under the banner of Coinfinity to celebrate past milestones and the German Bitcoin community as well as listen to an exciting live podcast episode with Niko Jilch, Marc Friedrich and Sarah Palurovic.

On April 23, 2024, Coinfinity celebrated its tenth anniversary in the picturesque setting of the Grazer Schlossberg, where business partners, customers and the Coinfinity team came together to look back on a decade full of innovation and growth.

Milestones and development

Coinfinity's journey began ten years ago in a small shop in Graz, equipped with Austria's first Bitcoin ATM. Since then, Coinfinity has developed significantly and today offers a variety of options to make it easier to buy and sell Bitcoin.

A journey through time with founder Max Tertinegg

At the beginning of the evening, managing director and founder Max Tertinegg and presenter Niko Jilch reviewed the last ten years.

They reflected on the past decade and talked about the challenges and successes of Coinfinity. Max Tertinegg offered deep insights into the company's philosophy and driving forces and shared his vision for the future. During an interview, he also announced new product features, such as rolling out the referral program BlockReward or even the implementation of a wallet function, which is to be presented in the coming weeks.

Highlight of the evening with Niko Jilch

A special highlight of the evening was a live episode of the podcast “Was Bitcoin bringt” by Niko Jilch, which discussed the developments and future of Bitcoin and digital currencies. The guests included the financial expert and bestselling author Marc Friedrich as well as Sarah Palurovic from the Digital Euro Association, who shared their insights on the topic of “Bitcoin vs. Digital Euro.”

The discussion deepened the topic of “Bitcoin vs. Digital Euro” and shed light on both the technological and social aspects of the two means of payment. The experts discussed the potential role of Bitcoin as a non-state currency compared to the digital euro, which is regulated by state authorities. These discussions provided valuable insights into the possible future of our financial landscape.

Shaping the future with Coinfinity

During the event, past successes were not only recognized, but the course was also set for future innovations. Max Tertinegg emphasized the importance of continuous development and adaptation in the fast-moving world of Bitcoin. “Our mission remains: to make Bitcoin easily accessible and understandable to the general public. To do this, we must remain at the forefront of technological development in order to offer our customers secure and user-friendly offerings,” he explained. With new projects and partnerships in sight, the guests left the evening not only with memories of the past, but also full of anticipation of Coinfinity's future role in the financial world.

Here are a few more impressions from the 10-year celebration.

Niko Jilch
Niko at work

Niko Jilch, Sarah Palurovic und Marc Friedrich
Niko, Sarah and Marc

Fichte und Phil
Fichte and Phil

Gäste beim 10 Jahre Coinfinity Event
Bitcoiners chatting

Bitcoin vs. digitaler Euro mit Niko Jilch
Sarah, Niko and Marc in discussion

Max Tertinegg und Niko Jilch
Max and Niko

Fabio, Anita Posch und Bitbeller
Fab, Anita and BitBeller

Finanzen verstehen
Markus, Matthias and Philipp from finanzenverstehen.at

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