#BitcoinRemixes: Knowledge in 60 seconds

In the midst of the rapid spread of Bitcoin, there is a sea of informative events and content that often goes undetected. Coinfinity presents #BitcoinRemixes — your reliable source for compact, entertaining and essential Bitcoin information!

Despite regulatory challenges and current market sentiment, more and more institutional and private investors are interested in Bitcoin. High inflation rates and massive market interventions have created an open ear for alternative ideas. The thriving Bitcoin community produces a wealth of valuable content every day, yet much of it remains unused and undetected. #BitcoinRemixes has set itself the goal of giving this in-depth knowledge and exciting discussions the stage they deserve.

“At Coinfinity, we are convinced that education about Bitcoin and monetary theory should be accessible, free and easy to understand for everyone. That is why we are launching in addition to the Bitcoin Blinks Another great format — the #BitcoinRemixes!”

Here we curate and share interesting, relevant excerpts from various formats, always citing the original source. Our goal is to create added value by preparing important information and perspectives from the Bitcoin world and making it available to a wider public.

Here we would like to present you the first three remixes:

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