Bitcoin savings plan for companies: Inverview with Wolfgang Ecker-Eckhofen

Can a Bitcoin savings plan for companies actually serve as inflation protection, a liquidity cushion and an instrument of employee retention? In this interview, we talk to entrepreneur and real estate investor Wolfgang. Find out what advantages he sees in a Bitcoin savings plan and which criteria are important to him when choosing the right Bitcoin broker.

With the growing adoption of Bitcoin and its increasing relevance as a store of value, the real estate sector is also likely to be on the brink of significant transformation soon. Could Bitcoin, for example, serve as collateral for project financing in the future, or help verify ownership? Let's ask an expert and our current interview guest, Wolfgang Ecker-Eckhofen.

Portrait of Wolfgang

Wolfgang Ecker-Eckhofen

My name is Wolfgang Ecker-Eckhofen, I was born in 1977 and live in Raaba-Grambach. As a civil engineer, I worked for 21 years in the development and execution of office, commercial, logistics and residential properties on an employee basis. My main areas of activity were project development, project financing and contract preparation, both at management level. I have been an independent real estate investor since mid-2023 and am also training as a property appraiser.

Questions & answers

1) How did you first come into contact with Bitcoin as an entrepreneur?

Seriously for the first time at the end of 2019 about my friend Dr. Keyvan Davani, who has been running a YouTube channel for many years with a focus on Bitcoin and macroeconomics. Keyvan interviews interesting personalities primarily from the Anglo-American region and is constantly on the pulse of the Bitcoin community.

2) Why did you decide to introduce a Bitcoin savings plan in your company? What is the motivation behind this?

I don't see Bitcoin as an object of speculation, but as an opportunity for long-term inflation protection. The savings plan also has a cost-average effect, which smoothes out price fluctuations.

3) What criteria did you consider when choosing the Bitcoin broker for your company? Which factors were particularly important to you?

1. Austrian company
2. based in Graz, i.e. right on the doorstep
3. I personally know the people involved in management
4. Favourable purchase conditions.

4) How did your employees react to the introduction of the Bitcoin savings plan? Was there any encouragement or concern?

The company only has one employee besides me. There was no concern here.

5) Can you report something about the tax aspects of a Bitcoin savings plan? Are there any tax benefits or special features that a company should consider?

The investment is only taxed on the basis of the capital gain when sold, is otherwise included in fixed assets on the asset side and strengthens the company's creditworthiness.

6) How would you convince an entrepreneur to get involved with Bitcoin?

I would stress the long-term benefits of diversifying fixed assets. Hard money in fixed assets, soft money (Fiat) on the side of liabilities.

7) To what extent do you see the integration of Bitcoin as a long-term trend in the real estate industry?

Bitcoin is likely to offer itself as a possible collateral for project financing in the foreseeable future and will therefore strengthen corporate liquidity.

8) Where do you see Bitcoin in 10 years? One of many asset classes, or a global, transparent, digital money network?

I think that successive adoption in emerging countries could well result in a disruption in the financial system due to the exponential network effect. However, the time period for this is not easy to determine.

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