Bitcoin education instead of speculation: Interview with Till Musshoff

In this interview, we talk to content creator, entrepreneur and creator of, Till Musshoff. In this inspiring conversation, we learn more about his approach to Bitcoin education and his journey down the rabbit hole.

“I code, design, write, edit, learn, read, run and ski. I'm a lifelong learner and like to dig down rabbit holes.”

Portrait of Till

Till Musshoff

Till Musshoff is a German (Bitcoin) content creator, software developer, digital nomad and entrepreneur. He runs the Linktree-alternative and a YouTube channel with around 50,000 subscribers.

Questions & answers

1) You are a passionate content creator, why do you think Bitcoin education should be promoted and supported?

Henry Ford once said “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Understanding Bitcoin goes hand in hand with a general understanding of money. Bitcoin Education is the solution to Bitcoin speculation. The legendary Matrix meme is so good because it's true!

Bitcoin Meme von Till

Bitcoin teaches us how to save, to have a better understanding of risk, autonomy, financial inclusion, and so much more. It's not just about Number Go Up, but so much more.

The Ford quote above is known to many. But by the way, he also said the following: “If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.”

Education, education.

2) What do you do in the Bitcoin space and what are you known for?

I started a YouTube channel in 2020, which initially focused primarily on Bitcoin. My first and longest video”Why Bitcoin Matters & Why You Should Care” was translated into several languages and is still shared with beginners today. I will also have my Bitcoin series for the provider later Produced in German. I've also written a few articles, including an open one detailed letter to the EU regarding Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA). For about a year I've been following with Now a new Bitcoin heart project with which I want to help other creatives and educators in Bitcoin Space.

3) Why are there no more Bitcoin videos from you?

I have absorbed and given so much information about the topic over the years that I am now oversaturated and am the last person in conversations to raise Bitcoin as a topic. After over 50 videos, I've said everything I want to say about Bitcoin, so now I only appear sporadically in a few podcasts. But my conviction that Bitcoin is one of the greatest discoveries of all time hasn't changed.

4) Is that your main job? Or what else do you do?

My grandma also asks me that every time I see her. And I answer differently every time. For over 10 years, my main time has been spent at the start-up BPartGaming, which I started building when I was 17 years old. We provide educational content for FIFA/FC and Valorant players as well as analysis tools such as THE GUIDE Insight. There are also various side projects, including, an AI-powered language learning app and my YouTube channel with almost 50,000 subscribers. So what is my main job? Project juggler maybe?

5) How do Bitcoiners benefit from your service?

BitcoinerBio is a service for anyone who creates content in Bitcoin Space. Whether it's social media posts, podcasts and videos, articles, art or code. It is the 'link in the bio' that makes it possible to represent your own works, collect Bitcoin donations and generally bring your digital presence to the next level in order to find your audience. The aim is to support Bitcoin content creators and to enable more in number.

6) Can you pay with Bitcoin?

Of course, there are always discounts for certain Bitcoin events that can only be activated with Bitcoin payments. However, there is only the annual package with Bitcoin, as recurring (monthly) payments are still not a strong point of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Payments made in Bitcoin are also not converted into Fiat but are held as Bitcoin. That was already worth it with the purchases from last year!

7) How did you actually get into Bitcoin yourself?

With BpartGaming, we had a shared office in Berlin for some time. Among other things, there was a crypto day trader in the office, from him I found out about Bitcoin for the first time... and then bought lots of shitcoins! That is the less nice part, but the positive part is that this one point of contact was enough and I was hooked. I've started absorbing everything I could find on the subject, including more than a handful of Bitcoin books from the Bitcoin Standard about Mastering Bitcoin. My background as a risk-taking entrepreneur with a degree in computer science was certainly an advantage here.

8) How did you integrate Bitcoin into your life?

I save in Bitcoin, but only rarely use it as a means of payment. That's not to say that I don't find it useful as a means of payment. For me personally, however, there is no need. I also have a running Full and Lightning node, but since I don't have a permanent residence, I don't really use the node.

9) Is there a “perfect” source of information for the first touchpoint with Bitcoin?

I don't think so. Each person needs a different touchpoint, as there are different personal expectations and fears about the topic. Fortunately, there are now numerous good sources that answer any questions you may have. Both Coinfinity and I are working to increase and improve these sources.

10) Where do you see Bitcoin in 10 years?

I think Bitcoin will create a new block approximately every 10 minutes:)

The question is rather where humanity will be in 10 years. As someone who has closely followed AI developments in recent years, this question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer.

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