Our BlockReward program is live

The beta phase of our referral program “BlockReward” has been successfully completed and we are starting the rollout today for all Coinfinity customers. In this post, find out how BlockReward works, what type of discount you can give away and how high the rewards are for your referrals.

How does BlockReward work?

BlockReward is a referral program based on referral codes, which benefits both parties.

When Coinfinity customers (referees) enter a referral code, they receive a 21% discount on the service fee for 6 months. In return, the owner of the code (referrer) also receives a reward of 21% of the service fee for every transaction made using their referral code - namely perpetual!

Summarizing again:

  • Referee discount: When someone signs up or registers with your referral code, that person receives 21% discount on the service fee at Coinfinity for 6 months. Please note that referral codes cannot be combined.
  • Referrer reward: For your recommendation, you get steady a reward of 21% of the service fees that your referee pays for their Bitcoin transactions. The rewards are paid out monthly via SEPA transfer if you have earned at least 10 EUR. Attention: Please note that referrers need an active account with Coinfinity. In addition, from 24.04.2024, a Bitcoin purchase worth at least €21 must be made to activate the BlockReward.

How do I generate a referral code as a referrer?

Open the Coinfinity app or log in to the web portal. Make a purchase of at least 21 euros in Bitcoin to participate in the BlockReward program. Please note that your order must be paid and completed to activate BlockReward. Then click on the newly activated BlockReward field on the user dashboard and generate your personal code.

Unlock BlockReward

Then share your code with your friends via email, messenger services or social media and you'll benefit from every transaction made by your referee.

Share your referral code

How can I use a referral code?

Referees have two options for entering a referral code. New Coinfinity customers can enter their referral code when registering, while existing Coinfinity users enter their code directly in the user area of their account.

Use code during registration
For new customers during the registration process
Use a code as an existing user
For existing customers in the user area under “Fees and Limits”

BlockReward program policy

The rewards for referrers are paid out monthly via SEPA transfer as soon as a credit of at least 10 EUR has been earned. Please note that referrers need an active account with Coinfinity and that at least one purchase has been made to receive their reward.

Payout details for referrers

Please note that due to legal circumstances, we are currently not allowed to pay out or credit referrers for recommendations from users residing in Germany. However, referees residing in Germany receive a 21% fee discount when using a referral code. As soon as we are legally able to do so, this will of course also be activated.

All BlockReward details and regulations can be found in our General terms and conditions.

Download the Coinfinity app now and enter a referral code when registering to get 21% discount!
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